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GeriMedica is a Dutch company founded in 2007 by a small group of passionate medical professionals. The founders have one single driving force inspiring them; namely to make innovative changes and improvements to patient health care and treatment delivery.

The company backed by the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and 3 large Dutch healthcare institutions; Aveant Utrecht, OsiraGroep Amsterdam and Evean Zaanstreek is targeted towards care for the elderly with long-term chronic illnesses. GeriMedica focuses on three key areas of excellence covering solutions for Medical Practices, Electronic Health Record (Dutch: Elektronisch Patientendossier) and Training.

It is around their focus on Electronic Health Records (EHR) that GeriMedica approached Trifork in Amsterdam with the challenge to develop a solution to rebuild their existing system to cater for better collaboration and enhanced functionality around patient care. The idea was to transform their existing Ysis system to enable enhanced functionality whereby users from numerous medical disciplines could access, collaborate and track patient medical records.


A system built to compliment the process

Trifork worked with GeriMedica’s team of medical specialists to develop and launch a multidisciplinary, web-based EHR. The result was Ysis 2.0, offering support on day-to-day tasks as well as offering up to date insight from the research specialists at the VU University Medical Center. The highly secure, web-based, customizable Software-as-a-Service solution is easy to use and utilizes a task-based user interface.

The system now includes enhanced features such as the integration with existing administrative and healthcare systems and automated import of laboratory results. Furthermore, the application accommodates collaboration with several different organizations within one single platform and offers the possibility to activate security features to limit access between these parties if applicable.

Since Trifork developed a web-based application, it is easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from different geographic locations, without any special infrastructural requirements. It also means that in the absence of one medical specialist, another can easily locate patient information relevant for further diagnosis and / or treatment planning. Seen as the audit trail is maintained within the application, data is always secure, backed-up, prevented from loss or corruption and there is minimum risk of human errors.


Since engaging with Trifork as our technological partner in developing Ysis 2.0. their expertise & insight has given us significant return on investment. The velocity at which we can improve functional requirements and deliver it in a production environment has been more than doubled. Furthermore our customer satisfaction has improved strongly

Thomas Ferguson

CEO of GeriMedica

Custom software for custom solutions

Thomas Ferguson continues, “The use of new technologies that Trifork has integrated into our software solution has given us a clear competitive advantage amongst the other players in our industry”. He explains, “The integration with other systems within Ysis 2.0 is easier and quicker and the use of the Axon Framework (founded by Trifork) with CQRS architecture has proven to be the right choice.”

“Axon Framework is already well known for it’s scalability and integration, combined with the possibility of storing a full history of all activity in the event store, but it’s features like these that have proven valuable on several occasions,” says Thomas Ferguson. “Accountability and traceability are important for any application; but for an EHR even more so. The use of modern components in our web app means that our application can be used on many different devices and operating systems, without having to adapt it to each of these. It’s benefits like these that make us stand out from our competitors”.

Collaboration is key to any successful partnership

At Trifork we are strong believers on the principals of Agile/Scrum and integrate this within our projects where possible. It’s great when our customers agree. Thomas Ferguson concludes “Trifork has provided us with a skilled scrum master and the tools we need to work in this way. We can recommend Agile/Scrum to anyone. Although it requires a significant investment from both sides; it has proved to be very valuable. Having to specify each and every requirement and then attributing a detailed story to it together with the developers leads to a much greater understanding from both perspectives.”

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