Technology Advisory

Our experts will guide you in making technical decisions that provide user centric solutions with a high ROI.

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Our experts will guide you in making technical decisions that provide user centric solutions with a high ROI.

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Our Services

Our Senior Architects can undertake a thorough review of your architecture and provide expert opinion to ensure it supports your business goals.

Our team will work with you to understand your business requirements and develop a model that is robust, easy to use and straightforward to maintain.

Our experts provide best practices, training and assistance with deployment to ensure a successful launch of your application.

Since engaging with Trifork as our technological partner in developing Ysis 2.0. their expertise & insight has given us significant return on investment.

Thomas Ferguson

CEO of GeriMedica

For a solution that could take two to three years, Trifork made it happen in a single year.

Vince Meens

Board Member of Blox

Trifork was able to show us the way and guide us in making the right choices at the crucial moment. We still reap the benefits of this today.

Wim De Haan

Flow Product Owner at ANWB

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Technology Advisory

Technical Guidance

Make the right technical choices

Whether at the very start of your project or in the midst of a pivotal technological transformation, we can help you make the right technical choices.

Our goal is to help you understand what steps you need to take in order to make your digital ambitions come to life.

icon Unmatched Expertise

Unmatched Expertise

We help you to stay ahead of the competition

With over two decades of experience in the software industry we know a thing or two about building software.

Our team can help you stay ahead of the competition by helping you to select the best way forward for your business.

icon Trustworthy Advice

Trustworthy Advice

We provide timely, accurate and reliable information

Our team of experienced Technology Advisors are also seasoned Software Architects working in the trenches.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with timely, accurate, and reliable information.

icon Clear Direction

Clear Direction

Together we will build a comprehensive strategy

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that meets your specific needs.

We’ll provide clarity and guidance on your IT roadmap so that you can maximize the value of your investments and optimize operations.

Our Customer Stories

Overcoming Childhood Specific Phobias with Technology

Discover how technology can help children dealing with specific phobias via an easy-to-use mobile app built by Trifork in partnership with the KibA project, which offers research-backed treatments.
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A Winning Ticket for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Find out how Trifork enabled the Nederlandse Loterij to move to a best-of-breed IT landscape (through a microservices-based Gateway solution) and successfully integrated dozens of new systems.
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Flexibility and Scalability for 1.5 Million Subscribers

Learn how Trifork created a reliable and scalable subscription system for Nederlandse Loterij, which enables them to run a lottery subscriptions platform that serves over 1.5 million subscribers.
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Advanced e-learning Portal for Teachers & Students (4-13 years)

Discover how Trifork partnered with IBE & Cito to create an e-learning portal called Mindsteps, which brought advanced learning systems into the classrooms of students aged 4-13.
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Upgrading Cryptocurrency Transactions with Blox

Find out how BTC Direct and Trifork teamed up to create a simple, user-friendly app called BLOX that simplifies the process of buying and trading Bitcoin and other blockchain assets.
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Upgrading and Securing Online Student Platforms

Learn how the teams at University of Amsterdam and Hogeschool van Amsterdam worked with Trifork to ensure their IT systems were secure, future-proof, and easy to maintain for their thousands of students.
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Online Drivers License Exams – When and Where You Want

Find out how Trifork enabled CBR to develop an online drivers license test platform that allows students to take tests at any location and time convenient for them.
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State-of-the-Art Platform for Road Assistance

With the help of Trifork, ANWB is able to provide top quality road assistance services and meet its members’ needs. Learn how this state-of-the art platform enables them to stay ahead of competition.
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Facilitating Tailor-made Care in the Healthcare Industry

Learn how Trifork helped GeriMedica build a medical record system specifically for practitioners in the geriatric field. See what can be achieved when integrating modern technology in elderly care.
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Facilitating Math and Language Examination – Also With Speech

Learn how a modern assessment system created by Trifork can help students and teachers effectively manage math and language exams with features including text to speech.
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Our promise

Our Technology Advisors can help you move forward.

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Our Approach

Our fast-track approach includes three phases; Discover, Analyze & Advise with the optional phase, Deliver, where we can act as your Technology Partner to execute on our recommendations.

Starting with an intensive kick-off session, our experts focus on gathering information to help them clearly understand your objectives and goals, your technical landscape, along with the various stakeholders involved.


  • Key project insights gathered.
  • Plan aligned with your specific requirements.
  • Clear direction set.


We swiftly move to the Analyze phase, where we dive into the focus area. We may for example conduct a thorough architectural review, map a domain model or determine bottlenecks holding back a timely application launch.


  • Execute on plan.
  • Detect areas for improvement.
  • Gather findings for review.


We work in close collaboration with your team to distill the major findings of the Analyze phase. We then translate them into actionable recommendations that align with your business strategy, for immediate, medium and long-term results.


  • Major findings aligned with your team.
  • Actionable recommendations generated.
  • Advice tailored for varied business timelines.


You can decide to either implement our recommendation yourself, or we’d be happy to act as your Technology Partner in helping you to deliver on the advice provided via our Application Development services.


  • Agile methods for efficient project management.
  • Value created at every sprint.
  • Custom-built solution tailored to your vision.

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