AFAS' CIO Rolf de Jong hosts Panel Discussions at Axon Seminar

by Allard BuijzeFebruary 12, 2013


On February 28th 2013, Trifork will organize the Axon 2 launch seminar. During this seminar, visitors will be introduced to CQRS and Axon Framework, of which version 2 was released just a few weeks ago. The seminar will be an afternoon packed of technical insight, case studies and panel discussions, whereby we look forward to a number of informative and interactive sessions. Rolf de Jong, CIO of AFAS ERP Software, has accepted our invitation to host the panel discussions where a team of experts will share their thoughts on CQRS, Axon Framework and software development in general. 

Axon 2.0

To celebrate the Axon 2.0 release, we are organizing a free seminar, in which we will show how Axon Framework helps to develop scalable and extensible software using the CQRS architectural pattern.

The adoption of CQRS is a strategic choice in the battle against growing complexity of scalable applications. This makes Axon more than just a developer framework. The seminar targets Software Architects and IT Managers, and focuses on the business value of CQRS and Axon Framework. Don’t take our word for it, two companies will present a case study, in which they show how they benefit from Axon.

The first case study will be presented by E.Novation, a European ICT company that connects people, systems and organizations. One of their solutions is AZERA, an application to manage care registration and declarations for the healthcare industry. E.Novation will explain how Axon helps them react to changes in the Dutch law faster, while keeping application complexity at bay.

The second case study is presented by Aktive Reply, an Italian company, part of the European Reply Group. After having used Axon in several projects, among which a top 50 bank, they have extracted a set of best practices, and bundled them in a product which they use to serve their other customer faster.

There will also be an open forum, in which a panel of experts will present their vision on CQRS and software development in general, based on questions from the audience. Rolf de Jong will host the forum, to make sure the right questions are asked.

Rolf de Jong

Rolf de Jong is CIO at AFAS ERP Software. He is utlimately responsible for the architecture of all AFAS products and the IT infrastructure. In the last years, AFAS has adopted CQRS to ensure their software can scale with the growing demand of their services. Especially their cloud-based services require the ability to quickly scale up during peak times.
Rolf’s deep knowledge of CQRS and his experience implementing it in their organisation makes him the perfect candidate to ensure no questions remain unasked during the panel discussions.

Sign up now!

The Axon Launch Seminar is held on February 28th, in Amersfoort, and is free of charge. Registration is required.

Details of the Event:
Location: De Observant, Amersfoort, Netherlands
Date & time: Feb 28th, 12:30 – 18:00
Price: free, registration required

If you have any questions about Axon Framework, or the launch event, contact us.

Other events

If you are unable to attend the launch event, or simply want a more in-depth introduction to CQRS and Axon Framework, you can attend one of our workshops. We currently have two workshops planned: