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We provide digital exam solutions for assessments & certifications that are reliable, secure & highly scalable.

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We provide digital exam solutions for assessments & certifications that are reliable, secure & highly scalable.

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Our Authoring solution provides tools for building your assessments. It’s designed to enable you to construct questions with various behaviors, in a simple and intuitive way.

Our Organizer helps you manage the entire assessment process. From assigning & scheduling participants, monitoring assessments in real-time, to generating detailed reports to guide future assessments.

Our Delivery product ensures a smooth execution of your online assessment by supporting multiple question types with different behaviors, whilst offering fraud prevention tools to combat cheating.

In a short time span, Trifork were capable of delivering a very advanced digital assessment system which enables us to meet our current and future needs.

Urs Moser

Head of IBE

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Digital Exam Solutions

It’s your choice

Combine or select products

Our three assessment products combined provide a complete, out of the box digital exam solution that you can rely on.

However, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing system we can also help. By developing custom integrations we can connect one or more of our products to your current assessment solution.

icon Scalable


200,000 assessments per day

We understand the need for scalability when undertaking high-stake assessments and certifications.

We have built our digital exam solution to be robust, with the ability to scale up to 200,000 assessments per day.

icon Reliable


Reliability equals credibility

You can expect your assessments to be taken how they were intended to, even under heavy load without risk of downtime.

We have also incorporated traceability into our assessment products, so result outcomes are easily tracked and validated.

icon Secure


Conforms with ISO 27001 & GDPR standards

Our assessment solutions are hosted to conform with ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.

Every customer has its own private instance of the software, whilst data is encrypted and kept in a secure cloud environment.

icon Future-Proof


Built on QTI so your never locked-in

We understand the value of open source software and standards, which is why we’re a contributing member of the QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) standards as set by 1EdTech.

All of our assessment products are built on this standard and support QTI 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0, which ensures your tests are future-proof and avoid lock-in with any specific provider or platform.

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Our promise

Our Software Experts can help you move forward.

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Our Approach

We work in four distinct phases: Discover, Analyze, Deliver, and Hosting, providing substantial value at each stage.

Starting with an intensive kick-off session, our experts focus on gathering information to help them clearly understand your intended use case and drill down on how our assessment solutions can reach your desired goals.


  • Key project insights gathered.
  • Use case analysis conducted.
  • Solutions aligned with your goals.

We’ll then move to analyze your current digital exam system, if one exists, as well as the other systems that our products will interface with, to determine whether custom integrations are required, culminating in a clear action plan for collaboration.


  • Current digital exam & interfacing systems examined.
  • Need for bespoke integrations determined.
  • Clear collaborative action plan established.

After the Analyze phase, we enter Product Delivery, executing on our action plan. Regular progress meetings ensure that our assessment solutions are delivered on time and within budget, while meeting quality expectations.


  • Action plan implemented effectively.
  • Value created at each and every sprint.
  • Delivered solution meets or exceeds expectations.

Once the solution has been delivered and you are satisfied with the results, you can take over management of the solution in your own cloud environment, or we can manage it for you. We will explore both scenarios with you.


  • Satisfaction with the delivered solution.
  • You manage the solution in your own cloud environment.
  • Or we manage your solution for you.


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