All good things come to an end…

by Leonard WoltersJanuary 27, 2010

Yes it is true. After almost 6 years I’ve decided to leave JTeam.


Why am I leaving JTeam you might wonder? Well to be honest JTeam deserves a new leader.

I’ve successfully brought JTeam to where it is standing right now; a well respected company full of ambitious & talented employees and satisfied clients. We continuously enjoy what we’re doing and like to share it with the world, especially with you. But each company grows, and along the way I’ve noticed that JTeam is about to enter a new phase.

A phase of professional growth, both organic and aggressive, a phase of expansion and of more exciting (inter)national challenges is beginning.

A new phase sometimes requires a new leader, and in this case, I feel it does. JTeam deserves someone who is capable of getting the maximum out of it.  Someone that has proven experience in pushing a company to the next level. And we found him.

I fully enjoyed my years in the role of Managing Director of JTeam. I’ve learned quite a lot, met a large number of awefully interesting people, succeeded in delivering some really cool projects-  but most of all, really enjoyed working with passionate people. People that always want to learn, get the most out of what they’re doing and even more important, do it with a smile and in a well respected way.

This also holds for all our clients. Along the years I’ve met many entrepreneurs and business owners all of whom had wonderful dreams, compelling ideas and exciting projects.

But the thing I like the most is meeting the people behind these ideas, dreams & projects. I sincerely hope that we helped you achieving your goal and guided you well on your never ending journey.

Some people ask me “what’s next?” and luckily I can quickly answer this question.

I simply do not know what’s next, except enjoying a well deserved holiday of – let’s say – a couple of months. I will take my time to enjoy my personal life, get some rest, read all the books I got recommended and bought and -hopefully-  will soon be conquering the skies in a helicopter!

One thing is for sure: once I’m ready, you’ll hear from me. That might take a couple of weeks, months or years. Or maybe it’ll be a matter of days. Stay tuned!