Announcing Dutch Lucene User Group

by Uri BonessAugust 26, 2009

In the last 3 years we’ve witnessed the rise of open source enterprise search. Of course it was always there, and Apache Lucene in particular was there since, well… the previous century. But in the last 3 years the interest in this area has grown dramatically and the install/user base of the different Lucene related projects (Lucene Java and Solr in particular) has grown at an amazing rate. Today, the Lucene ecosystem is booming – there’s a high demand for expertise in this field, yet still there is relatively low supply. The Lucene / Solr mailing lists are flooded with hundreds of questions each week and the need to share knowledge is evident.

This is why we’re so pleased to announce the new Dutch Lucene User Group. It is through this user group that we hope to promote knowledge sharing, discussions, and of course periodic meet ups. We even created a new website to support all these activities. So If you’re in any way interested in Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Hadoop, Tika, Mahout, Taste, or open source search in general, make sure to register.

And if you’re not living in The Netherlands, don’t let it stop you from registering as well. The content of the website is in English and although we’re located in The Netherlands, the content of of the website may appeal to everyone who’s interested in these topics.

Dutch Lucene User Group