Build massively scalable soft real-time systems with Erlang

by Bram SmeetsFebruary 18, 2013

Today I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to Erlang Solutions (a part of the Trifork group). From later this week, Erlang Solutions starts a new series of webinars aiming to showcase practical use cases of Erlang. As an open source language designed for programming concurrent, real-time, distributed fault-tolerant systems, Erlang found its usage in Telecoms, Messaging, Banking, Finance, Gaming, Web 2.0, NoSQL databases and Embedded. Launching the series, the webinars highlight how Erlang is put to use in designing mobile messaging gateways and messaging solutions.

The first webinar focuses on a Mobile Messaging Gateway implemented for Velti (one of the world’s largest mobile marketing company) and how Erlang is put to good use in making them faster, more reliable and efficient. Marcus Kern-V.P. Technology at Velti presents how Erlang’s key features – scalability and fault tolerance have benefited their systems and their fast growing business. It presents Erlang Solutions’ state of the art Mobile Messaging Gateway- Buzzard, a platform supporting SMS messaging, billing and payments for broadcasters, mobile network operators and social networks.

Marcus Kern will be giving this talk on the 21st of February, 4 PM UK time. For more information on this webinar & to register, check out the article Implementing Mobile Messaging Gateway for Velti.

The second webinar features ooVoo’s Director & System Architect- Alexander Fok and Michał Ślaski – Senior Erlang Consultant from Erlang Solutions. Michał Ślaski’s talk highlights “MongooseIM”, an Erlang-based implementation of XMPP server – its simplified implementation, customizability, focus on scalability and performance. He shows how WebSocket support, reliability of message delivery in mobile networks and in-game mutli-user chats make “MongooseIM” a product up-to-date with high requirements of web, mobile and in-game communication.

They show what Erlang brings to the table when implementing instant messaging solutions. ooVoo’s messaging platform implementation is an example of how Erlang solves scalability issues. Alexander Fok discusses its features and how this solution enables up to 12 people on different platforms make group video calls.

This webinar takes place on the 6th March, 4 PM UK time. To know more about this and to register for their webinar, read about it in Implementing Instant Messaging Solutions with Erlang.

In the coming months we will taking you through the various Erlang products & solutions but in the meantime if you want to know more please contact us.