CQRS intro on VMware's blog

by Joris KuipersFebruary 7, 2013

We’re pleased to inform you that VMware has asked Trifork to author a short article on CQRS for publication on their blog.

This was motivated by our recent post on the Spring Insight plugin that we wrote for Axon Framework. In response to that post VMware has asked us if they could take over hosting and maintenance of the plugin code in their GitHub repository, so that the plugin will be packaged out-of-the-box in future Spring Insight versions.

Of course we were happy to oblige, which means that the Insight plugin is now an official community contribution. The link to the source code in our earlier blog post has been updated.

If you don’t know what CQRS and Axon Framework are, then make sure to check out our guest blog that has been published today!