Don’t let regulatory compliance hold you back!

by Joris KuipersFebruary 9, 2022

Trifork works with several customers who are operating in businesses with strict regulations, like finance or online betting. Assuring that your software and processes are in compliance with these regulations is challenging, and can easily lead to a situation where compliance officers and thus organizations become risk-averse. Changes take weeks or even months to be rolled out to production. Meanwhile, development teams lose motivation as there is no real feedback cycle anymore from design and implementation to features being used by end users.

As a result, it becomes impossible to operate in an agile fashion and use real data to determine what to work on next: by the time a release ends up in your customers’ hands, the world has changed already and what you’re delivering doesn’t meet today’s demands.

Regulatory compliance isn’t easy. However, setting up your development processes, delivery pipelines and runtime information capacity the right way will make all the difference when proving to your auditors that you’re following their rules without being held back. Trifork can help you in achieving this.

While describing the changes and new functionalities you’re planning to develop, stories can be tagged based on their regulatory impact. Tests and test results can be provided such that your auditors can approve them in time, and can prove that you continue to conform to regulations in an automated fashion. Releases can be created with automated release notes so that it’s clear what changes they contain. Delivery pipelines can be set up in such a way that it’s always clear what version of what software is running where, even when rolling back changes or applying patches

By automating all relevant parts of the software delivery process, there’s no need to manually provide a paper trail of everything you’re doing: that information will come directly from the one source of truth, something that auditors are thrilled with.

Some businesses have strict requirements around runtime auditability: everything that happens in your system must be recorded. When did it happen, who initiated the change, why was it done, etc.

Trifork is the birthplace of the Axon framework, which supports a software approach called CQRS and Event Sourcing. This approach uses recorded events as a cornerstone, thereby providing you with a built-in audit trial. This trail isn’t just a side effect that may not reflect the truth, but is at the heart of all data in your system, as a definitive proof to your regulators. This can greatly reduce the time and effort spent on allowing your systems to be audited.

If you recognize some of the sketched issues and want to learn more about how Trifork can help complying with your regulatory requirements, then check out our technology scan offerings for more information!