Frank Scholten joins Apache Whirr development team

by frankMarch 8, 2012

I am pleased to announce that I have been voted in as a committer on Apache Whirr! Whirr is a Java library for quickly setting up services in the cloud. For example, using Whirr you can start a Hadoop cluster on Amazon in 5 minutes by configuring a simple property file and running the whirr command-line tool. See the quick start guide for more information.

Hadoop is only one of the supported services however. Whirr supports several NoSQL databases or distributed computing platforms and tools. Currently Whirr supports HBase, Hama, Ganglia, Zookeeper, ElasticSearch, Mahout, Puppet, Chef and Voldemort.

One of my contributions was the Mahout service which installs the Mahout binary distribution on a given node. When used in conjunction with Hadoop you can have a fully operational Mahout cluster in minutes. For more information about using the Mahout service checkout this blog on Mahout support in Whirr on the community site

More services are continuously being added to Whirr. For instance the Solr and MongoDB services are planned for the upcoming 0.8.0 release. If you would like to know and keep up to date with more about Whirr checkout the project page or subscribe to the mailinglist.