by Bram SmeetsDecember 3, 2013

searchworkings_logoIn 2011 we launched, a community website that aimed to bring search professionals together, mostly around open source search technologies like Apache Lucene and Apache Solr. At the time, the number of resources providing high value content around those technologies was limited. Therefore, we created the searchworkings portal, providing blog entries, white papers and a forum. Next to JTeam’s own search experts (Simon Willnauer, Uri Boness, Martijn van Groningen, Chris Male, Luca Cavanna and Frank Scholten), we also managed to get several external contributors onboard (Isabel Drost, Chris Mattmann, Mike McCandless, Uwe Schindler, Marc Sturlese, Anne Veling, Dawid Weiss and Karl Wright).

Since then, things have moved very fast and in unanticipated directions but for the best! In 2012 the investment in open source search technologies as a whole paid off and our former CEO Steven Schuurman (with a team of others) founded the commercial company around the enormously successful open source search technology: Elasticsearch.

From a Trifork perspective, we were signed up as the proud launching partner for Elasticsearch, the company. Nowadays we focus more and more on Elasticsearch and most of our high value content creation is around this particular search technology and less effort is going into other technologies.

The rise in popularity catalysed by Logstash and Kibana has even accelerated this further. Therefore, we have decided to finally pull the plug on the website! I would like to thank all the contributors for their effort and I hope we’ll continue to collaborate and make open source search even more successful than it already is. In order to preserve the work that has been done, we will keep the blog entries available through this blog. Thanks again!