Greg Young to attend on DDDnl meetup about CQRS on March 1st.

by Allard BuijzeFebruary 24, 2010

On March 1st, Erik Rozendaal will give a presentation about Command Query Responsibility Seggregation (CQRS). Greg Young, one of the masterminds behind CQRS, has confirmed that he will be present during this meetup too. Seems like a good recipe for an interesting evening.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Read on for details.

About the meetup

The Domain Driven Design Netherlands User Group (DDDnl) organizes bi-monthly meetups where software developers, architects, product owners and managers join to discuss DDD related issues. During each meetup, one of our members gives a presentation. The upcoming meetup will cover the concept of CQRS.

Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a technique developed by Greg Young that combines the Event Sourcing pattern with Domain-Driven Design. This provides various benefits, amongst others: a fully encapsulated domain model without the need for any ORM tools, separate query and reporting database, 100% correct historical information, and easy integration with other systems.

In this presentation we’ll cover the core concepts of Command-Query Responsibility Segregation, its impact on the application’s architecture, and the various advantages and disadvantages. Some (Java) code will be shown to highlight how such a system can be implemented.

Time and location

The meetup will be held at the JTeam Head Office at Frederiksplein 1, Amsterdam. Check for directions.

You are welcome from 17:30. We will start with some food, which is expected at 18:00. The presentation starts after dinner.


You can confirm your presence by sending an email to Please include your name and a phone number where we can reach you, just in case.

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