Launching our Trifork Academy

by Joris KuipersMay 23, 2023

For a long time already, Trifork has been offering trainings via its GOTO Academy. Today we’re happy to announce that our offering has been rebranded to Trifork Academy along with a brand new Trifork Amsterdam website.

As the old name suggests, the Academy started as a spin-off of our GOTO conference, with most trainers being well-known speakers from the conference. Over the years we’ve started to focus more on delivering trainings ourselves, around the technologies that we use on a day-to-day basis to develop mission-critical enterprise solutions for our customers: especially Java and the Spring framework.

We also partner with VMware to deliver the official Spring trainings, including the 4-day Spring: Core training that prepares trainees for the VMware Spring Certification exam, along with the 2 Day Spring Boot & 2 Day Spring Security Masterclasses.

All of our trainers are very experienced in applying the technologies that they teach in their own projects, so that you are assured of production-hardened best practices and advice as part of their deliveries.

At the same time we will continue to bring you courses and workshops by some of the most well known speakers from our GOTO conferences, like Sam Newman and Simon Brown.

Many trainings are in a classroom-based format delivered at our Amsterdam training facility, but we provide live online courses as well if that’s a better fit for your needs. Additionally, we also offer private masterclasses at your office for large groups.

You can find an overview of our full offering by visiting our Trifork Academy section of our new website. We look forward to welcoming your at one of our next masterclasses.