Make the Right Technical Choices in 2024

by Joris KuipersJanuary 3, 2024

Trifork Amsterdam recently launched its own website on, separate from the global site. The main reason is that this allows us to optimally present the specific services that we provide, and to explain why Trifork is the software supplier you should choose to deliver these services to you.

I’d like to summarize two of the three pillars of what we do, namely Technology Advisory and Application Development, in this post and a follow-up.

Technology Advisory

Although Application Development is our main service, we don’t always start with that when we work with new customers. Quite often, we’re initially hired to provide some sort of advisory service.
At Trifork Amsterdam, we are experts in delivering high-quality, mission-critical enterprise software.

As such, there are several advisory services that we can provide:

  • Code scans and architectural reviews
  • Implementation guidance to get started with the development of new applications
  • Help with modernization, i.e. upgrades, rewrites or otherwise future-proofing of existing applications
  • Specific technical topics like cloud-enabling, security, integration, etc.

Our Approach

The scope of the work for the examples above can vary greatly. Sometimes an assignment is as simple as a one-person two-day job, where we help out a team to overcome specific technical difficulties.

On the other side of the spectrum a customer might ask for guidance to kick off an entire new project, where we start with a discovery phase. Following that, our experts then help with analysis and the domain model through techniques like event storming, and stay involved for a longer period of time by providing training, periodic reviews and support.

Our new website mostly focuses on the latter, but don’t let this stop you from contacting us for the former.

Actionable Advice

We specialize in a technology stack that’s based on modern versions of Java and Kotlin with Spring, so when companies are struggling with these technologies we’re an obvious choice as a consultancy provider.

We often help with setting up new projects in a way that applies best practices, with migrating legacy solutions (e.g. as part of a move to cloud-based solutions) or with integrating third-party solutions. 

If desired, the outcome can be pure advice, in the form of a document or presentation. We always ensure that this advice will be actionable so that you can immediately start to apply it in your organization. In practice, however, working code is often a major part of our deliverables.

Buy vs Build Decisions

We can do much more than that, however. For example, for startups we can help in making buy vs build decisions for the various parts of the overall solution that needs to be provided based on our experience: it’s rare that a full enterprise solution consists of only bought or only custom components, and we know where the added value of a custom solution outweighs the costs and where it doesn’t.

We’re often involved in choosing the best off-the-shelf solution from an integration point-of-view for specific parts, as no system is an island and integration needs to be smooth and secure to reap the benefits of a product.

Advisory assignments sometimes simply stick to just that, but after working with us customers often choose to partner with us to actually provide custom software solutions as well, which brings us to our main pillar: Application Development, covered in the next blog.

If you’d like to speak with one of our experts about how we can help your make the right technical decision in 2024 make sure to contact us to setup a 30 minute call introductory call.