About Us

Trifork Academy (previously known as GOTO Academy) is a part of Trifork Amsterdam, a custom software development company, which specializes in building enterprise solutions using the Spring framework & Java. Trifork Amsterdam is the Dutch arm of the Trifork Group which was founded in 1996 in Denmark and employs over 1100 software professionals worldwide.

Harnessing our local in-house expertise, in partnership with VMware, we offer a portfolio of Spring focused masterclasses that are VMware certified;

In addition to offering a portfolio of Spring masterclasses, we regularly run training sessions with world class experts from our GOTO community, with whom we also organize our GOTO Amsterdam Conference

Masterclasses with these experts typically cover topics such as Reactive Programming, Microservices & Software Architecture with the likes of Sam Newman, Simon Brown & Venkat Subramaniam to name a few. 

You can expect only the highest quality training experience from our trainers, who are all practitioners of the frameworks, architecture and technologies they are providing a masterclass on. 

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our public masterclasses and hearing from you if you’re interested in discussing a private engagement.